Dérive (Drift) – multidisciplinary performance, December 16 at 2pm at Expression

Inspired by social dynamics and the arbitrariness of rules, Bettina Hoffmann is creating a performance in collaboration with 5 contemporary dancers and 2 musicians specifically for the large gallery space of Expression.
The dancers’ movements are influenced and altered by obstacles and constraints, sometimes they have to carry out tasks that are impossible to solve. The results are unusual, ambiguous movements that can be imposing or grotesque, thus mirroring situations of emotional conflict. The interactions transform continuously, morphing from gentle to hostile encounters, oscillating between intimacy and distance. Change in movement speed seems to slow down time. The musicians react to the play’s tensions and relaxations through improvisation, a conversation in space and time between viola and cello.
The piece becomes an immersive environment that mirrors social scenes with lightness and spontaneity and the freedom that is gained through the of conversations between the disciplines.


Performance extracts:



Memories of Touch will play soon at:

16th Cinetoro Experimental Film Festival, PHASES OF FACES: Official International Competition, in Cali and Toro Valle del Cauca, Colombia.

FOTOGENIA, International Filmpoetry and Divergent Narratives Festival, Vol. 5. Starting November 22

VLX5, VASTLAB Experimental, Los Angeles, starting on December 9.