Freitod - Interference with happy memories
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Performance at Occurrence, Montreal, May 2016
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Suicide is examined from diverse perspectives exploring reactions to suicide such as grief, ignorance, denial, feelings of guilt and the struggle of acceptance.
Experimentally developed, this video performance for 6 dancers merges elements of physical and grotesque theatre, contemporary dance and entwined multilingual speech.

What appears to be a friends and relatives gathering changes after a moment of motionless shock into physical agitations and reflections ruminations on suicide.
While moving, crawling and climbing around each other and the furniture people are voicing personal or scientific views and ruminations on suicide expressing guilt, grieve, sadness, incomprehension, ignorance that turn towards the end into the subtle understanding that one can only try to accept it.
Plastic bags full of recently bought groceries on the table suggest the continuation of life, while signifying the preparation for a meal, maybe in honour of the deceased. But people seem not to be aware of the bags, which are pushed and squeezed and fall to the ground, thus hinting and mirroring the abysmal and confused state of shock towards the event of a suicide.
By using English and French language, miscommunication, misunderstanding and non-communication is emphasised, thus referencing to the socially disconnected state of a person considering her or his own death

Dancers: Emmanuelle Martin, Greg Selinger, Joseph-Antoine Echegaray, Katie Philp, Marieve Rivard, Ilya Krouglikov and Suzanne Gagnon. Duration 30 minutes.